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Converse Rubber Tracks: Record Your Music for Free

Converse is offering musicians rare opportunity to record for free with the opening of Converse Rubber Tracks, a new full service music studio. The Brooklyn studio opens late 2010 and applications and registrations for studio time open via the Rubber Tracks website www.converse.com/rubbertracks. Go to SMNnews

Gene Simmons Says Record Companies To Blame For Illegal Music Downloading

Gene Simmons wants to remind everyone that “stealing music, downloading it for free, is like someone stealing your weekly paycheck.” The KISS frontman and bassist makes no bones about what measures should be taken against people who illegally download music, saying the labels should have “taken the people’s houses and cars,” adding that “if there’s …

Marilyn Manson to Leak New Music for Free on March 27

MARILYN MANSON’s anticipated reunion with longtime friend and foil Twiggy Ramirez inches closer with the release of “We’re From America”, the first listen from the forthcoming The High End of Low. It will me made available as a free download March 27, exclusively on MarilynManson.com. The new disc will hit on May 26.

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