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Apochs.net Now Streaming Two Tracks From MONSTERWORK’s The God Album

Holding true to a mission statement that promises to keep their readers informed of the very best today’s metal has to offer (and to weed out the worst) underground metal webzine Apochs.net is now streaming two tracks from Monsterwork’s forthcoming release, The God Album. Point your browser over to www.apochs.net/Exclusive/Monsterworks.html for an exclusive sneak peek of …


M  O  N  S  T  E  R  W  O  R  K  S Image is Nothing; Metal is Everything. The entity known as Monsterworks began as a death metal organism (metallicum necronominominom) spawned in a primordial swamp and went on to evolve into the sophisticated supermetal machine (uber-ferrous tonka) it is today in the fleeting span …

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