Porn Stars Form Rock Band TIGHT; Promoting Mockumentary “Tight”

Tight, a hilarious ‘mockumentary’ about four adult performers who create the all-girl rock band Tight, and hit the road to promote their

Ex-Anthrax Vocalist DAN NELSON Settles Lawsuit with Band

Members of Anthrax were in Manhattan Federal Court to settle legal matters with their former vocalist Dan Nelson. Nelson, who was in

AXL ROSE Robbed of $200,000 Necklaces While in Paris; Young Model Arrested

Police say Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose was robbed of three gold-and-diamond necklaces worth some $200,000 after the band’s concert

BLACK WATER RISING Suing New Jersey Devils Hockey Team

According to the New York Post, Brooklyn, New York’s Black Water Rising have filed a multi-million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit against the

AC/DC Added To List of Wine Connoisseurs

Rock icons AC/DC will be lending their name to a new line of wine, reports the New York Post. Here’s the selections

NIKKI SIXX: Full Art Snob and Drama Queen

Serena French, fashion editor,  spoke with Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx on behalf of the of the New York Post. Portions of

Ozzy Osbourne Offering Hot Juicy Sex Tips

According to New York Post gossip column one Ozzy Osbourne discusses the dangers of drugs with your kids: “The only time I

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