Fen/De Arma Split Towards the Shores of the End Out Today On Nordvis Produktion

The face of black metal as we know it is set to change today (2.15.2011) as Nordvis Produktion unleashes the melancholic majesty

FEN / DE ARMA Split “Towards The Shores Of The End” Out Feb. 15th on Nordvis Produktion

FEN / DE ARMA Split, Towards The Shores Of The End, Out February 15th on Nordvis Produktion After two years FEN return

ULCERATE: “The Destroyers of All” Out January 25, 2011

ULCERATE have finished recording their new album titled The Destroyers of All.  The Destroyers of All is the New Zealand based bands’

ULCERATE: Tracklisting for Third Willowtip Release, “The Destroyers of All”

ULCERATE will release their third full-length album The Destroyers of All on January 25, 2011 through Willowtip Records. Ambitious, oppressive and expansive,

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