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BLACK SABBATH: Damnit! Are They or Aren’t They!

A Birmingham Mail.net reporter is on my shit list and by the looks of a released statement by Tony Iommi, he’s on Tony’s, too.  This wanker took some conversation between himself and Iommi and misconstrued the whole thing regarding Black Sabbath getting back together.  Now there’s postings everywhere, including here, that something monumental was happening …

Cannibal Corpse Meets Up with Jesse Jackson?

The following article was found at MetalSucks.com by DJ ZigzagGirl.  Thanks Ziggy!  Of course, all content credit goes to the author, Axl Rosenberg, and to MetalSucks.com What the fuck?? …WHEN CANNIBAL CORPSE MET JESSE JACKSON So apparently Cannibal Corpse were at the airport in Brussels, and they just spotted the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and, like, …

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