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What is the U.S. Doing to Help Randy Blythe?

Robert Watkins of Yahoo News reports: On June 27th, Randy Blythe, lead singer of the metal band Lamb of God, was approaching his day like any other as he prepared for a show in the Czech Republic. The energetic and wildly entertaining frontman would never make it to the band’s performance that evening. Unknown to Blythe, he was …

SISTER SIN: Free Amazon MP3 for “Outrage” Posting on July 17

To celebrate SISTER SIN’s arrival to the states Amazon MP3 will post “Outrage”, as a free Mp3 download on Saturday, July 17th. Head over to Amazon MP3 and start your weekend off right. SISTER SIN will kick off the tour Sunday, July 18th in San Diego, CA. . Go to SMNnews

BEHEMOTH: Nergal is a Good Boy After All

The District Court for Gdynia (that’s in Poland) has dismissed the investigation against BEHEMOTH’s Adam Darski (pseudonym/nickname Nergal) accused of an offense against religious feelings (sec. 196 of polish Criminal Code) when he tore up a Bible. During the preparatory proceedings the defender filled the application, which was entirely accepted by the Court. The defendant’s …

FREE Metal Sampler from Victory Records and Victory Metal

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, VICTORY RECORDS and VictoryMetal.com are releasing the perfect soundtrack to your backyard BBQ; a free Memorial Day Metal digital Sampler. Launching today, Thursday, May 27th, a fist full of metal from Victory’s heaviest artists will be available for download throughout the entire weekend. Head to http://victorymetal.com/features/ to grab it. Leading …

Official OTEP “Rise, Rebel, Resist” Video

The official “‘Rise, Rebel, Resist” video from OTEP is now up and running. According to frontwoman Otep Shamaya… “The ‘Rise, Rebel, Resist’ video is a reflection of the outrage the American people are feeling at the absurd hypocrisy, and overwhelming nonsense and balderdash plaguing Washington D.C. It uses a bit of satire and […]

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