DANKO JONES to Perform Two Spoken Word Shows at WACKEN FESTIVAL

Danko, the guy behind the band Danko Jones, will take the Headbanger’s Stage at Wacken Festival on August 1st and 2nd to perform his

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH Streaming Debut Album

This coming Tuesday June 14th sees the release of the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed debut album from A PALE HORSE NAMED

TRENT REZNOR, Academy Award Winner

I really need to stop watching awful award shows. I happened to be visiting my parents last night and assumed this would

The Very End – Mercy & Misery

“What a question! Of course the new THE VERY END album is awesome! Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it!“, states legendary producer

Annihilator – Jeff Waters (guitars)

Canada’s ANNIHILATOR have been thrashing for over 25 years. ANNIHILATOR’s 1989 debut album Alice in Hell was something of a cult classic. Their

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