New “GWAR-B-Q” Commercial Released

Tickets to Go On Sale on June 6th GWAR-B-Q 2013 Commercial In keeping with the tradition of past GWAR-B-Q’s, Slave Pit Inc.

FINNTROLL Reveals Photos From “Häxbrygd” Filming

Finntroll filmed a video for the song “Häxbrygd” on March 8-9. Photos from the video shoot can be found on the Facebook page of Soundi magazine (courtesy of Timo

DAVE MUSTAINE Receives Marine Corp Flag

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is one of the biggest supporters of America’s military out there, so the frontman definitely took it to heart when Lieutenant

CHTHONIC Bassist Doris Yeh Releasing Soft Porn Photo Book; Free CD with Pre-Order

Chthonic have the marketing strategy figured out.  Unlike other bands, Chthonic is releasing a 96-page book of photos of their most popular

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