Entire Maximus clan turns out in a musical “tour de force” to honor their immortal brethren, the legendary Flattus Maximus.  Antarctic rock

GWAR On Tour w/CLUTCH in Europe This Summer

The almighty GWAR have awakened from their brief arctic slumber and are ready to devastate Europe this summer.  Your mutant overlords are

Metal Blade Records Launches New Indiemerch Powered Webstore

Metal Blade Records has teamed up with to launch a brand new webstore for the entire Metal Blade catalogue including CDs,

GWAR Front-Thing Oderus Urungus to Get Loaded With the Humans

Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, crack-smoking and baby-eating alien is making his return to New York City. That’s right, Oderus Urungus, lead singer of

GWAR Re-Opens “The Bloody Pit of Horror” Temporarily New Tour Dates Announced

After a brief return home to their hulking Antarctic stronghold, intergalactic murder-machines GWAR are returning to the U.S. for one final spurt

GWAR Wrapping Up “Bloody Tour of Horror” With Final Flourish

Intergalactic murder-muppets GWAR are back from doing the “No Sleep Til…” festival in Australia and New Zealand, where they rocked the outback

GWAR – Bloody Pit of Horror

The mighty GWAR have returned with another slab of their monstrous metal, Bloody Pit of Horror, through Metal Blade Records, their 12th

AOL Weekly Streams: November 8

A whole slew of albums are up for streaming this week, courtesy of AOL. Give each band below an aural whirl: Bruce

GWAR: Premiere “KZ Necromancer” from “Bloody Pit of Horror”

Only six days remain until GWAR unleashes their new album “Bloody Pit of Horror” to the masses.  Your Lords and Masters have

GWAR: To appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Late night TV network will never be the same after raunchy metal monsters GWAR destroy the set of Late Night with Jimmy

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