ARRAYAN PATH Finally Reveals Guest Vocalist on Upcoming Album

Last month Arrayan Path announced that their new album  ARRAYAN PATH (“Ira Imperium”) will be released  in September through Pitch Black Records. 

ARRAYAN PATH: No, It’s Not a Typo – They’ve Changed Their Name

ARRAYAN PATH (formerly ARRYAN PATH) announce not one but two new albums.  And,  just so that you don’t think that there’s some

LETHAL SAINT To Take Part in Upcoming Metalucifer Tribute Album

Lethal Saint have been selected to participate in the upcoming Metalucifer tribute album (“Heavy Metal Hell”) released by SKOL RECORDS. Lethal Saint,

Pictures of Pain To Have Live Radio Interview On Friday 21st

PICTURES OF PAIN will be interviewed live tomorrow evening (Friday 21st) on ‘The Rock Show’ which is hosted by Robert Camassa on

Anonymous Band Seeking to Restore ‘True Metal’

An email appears to be doing the rounds across various metal portals, and we’re no different. It looks like a few “anonymous”

Nachtmystium Announce New EP

In an update  issued by NACHTMYSTIUM: “We’re proud to announce that we’ve licensed our own new EP,  Doomsday Derelicts from our North

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