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This Syrian Kid Is Making a DIY Metal Documentary

Monzer Darwish is a 23-year-old graphic designer and metal fan from Al Salamiyah, Syria, a district near Homs. For the last five months he’s been travelling around the country and visiting refugees in Lebanon for a documentary he’s making about underground metal bands in war-torn Syria. Needless to say, it’s a tough gig. People who are …

OTEP Push Title Track from “Smash The Control Machine” to Net, Update Fans

The title track and first single from OTEP’s revolutionary upcoming album, Smash The Control Machine, is now available on iTunes, click here to get your copy. The band has been sending out studio updates in real time via Smashthecontrolmachine.com; below is a recap from OTEP about what they’ve been sharing with their audience. Here’s what …

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