DAMNATION PLAN Streaming Title Track of Upcoming Album ‘The Wakening’

Damnation Plan will release their new album, The Wakening, on March 12 via Coroner Records.  Check out the track listing below. The Wakening track listing:

Winnipeg Doesn’t Want You, Nickelback! (video)

The NHL has commissioned Nickelback to perform at the Winnipeg Jets’ first game ever and some residents of Winnipeg aren’t too hip

SABATON Confirms Shows with Iron Maiden and the Scorpions

Sabaton has already confirmed that they’ll be playing with Iron Maiden this year.  Their next tour is with the Scorpians in Russia.

OZZY OSBOURNE To Star in Brisk Iced Tea Clay Animation Web Film

Ozzy Osbourne, along with a few other A-list stars, has joined forces with Brisk Iced Tea.  Brisk’s goal is to refresh the

GOATWHORE Frontman On Recording Albums, Performing Live

The Scream Queen recently conducted an interview with Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore and Soilent Green. Check out some excerpts from the interview

WHITECHAPEL: Tells You “How to Make It” in the Music Business

“How does a band ‘make it’ in the music business?” – it is an burning question in many a heart, especially those


Swedish technical death metallers SPAWN OF POSSESSION have parted ways with vocalist Matthew Chalk (PSYCROPTIC) and have been rejoined by Dennis Röndum. Commented the band:

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