Tag: Roadkill

New Album from NOLENTIA is Available for Pre-Order

Nolentia’s new album, May the Hand That Holds the Match That Will Set This World on Fire be Blessed Above All on CD is now available as a pre-order or as a preorder-exclusive bundle pack with the “Heal the World, Make it A Fireplace” t-shirt or girlie-shirt (two different colors available) from January 2nd, 2013 to February …

Ghoul’s European Roadkill Tour Dates

GHOUL have thrown up the final routing for their European Roadkill tour. Those dates can be found below: September 5  – Morbide Festspiele XI at Eastclub, Bischofswerda, Germany September 7  – MKC-Next Bar, Ziar Nad Hronum September 8  – Chelsea, Vienna, Austria September 9  – Channel Zero, Ljubljana, Slovenia September 11 – Septembertember 2 Dismember …

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