Tag: Sarah Silverman

The Harvard Lampoon Beckons GWAR

GWAR is finally being recognized by The Ivy League colleges, and is now set to receive the prestigious honor of being one of a select few to be inducted into The Harvard Lampoon. The Harvard Lampoon is America’s oldest institution of humor, operating from the Harvard campus since 1876, and boasting an elite cadre of members that …

Weird Al Yankovic Returns with “Craigslist” Video

Weird Al Yankovic and his parodies are back. This time, the theme is “Craigslist”…with a hint of Jim Morrison of THE DOORS. The bizarre video was directed by Liam Lynch, whose credits include the Tenacious D movie and Sarah Silverman’s ‘Jesus Is Magic.’

Steel Panther Launch Attack on Pop Mainstream with “Death to All But Metal”

Hollywood hair metal dreamers STEEL PANTHER have launched an all out attack on the pop mainstream with their newest video “Death to All But Metal”. Asserting their alpha male dominance with plenty of hairspray, spandex, and choice lyrics, STEEL PANTHER take shots at all of your favorite celebs… “Death to All But Metal” is an …

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