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Intronaut “Valley of Smoke” Album Review w/Video

William Kherbek, of AltSounds.com, recently posted his review of the album “Valley of Smoke” by Intronaut.   Here’s William’s review below. Metal pummelling at its best. The technical precision that metal often wears extremely gaudily, is on beautiful show on Intronaut’s vast, multi-hued adventure in heaviness. But Intronaut are impressively egoless, only rarely veering into …

Dream Theater – Black Clouds & Silver Linings

Every genre has its defining bands. Heavy metal has Iron Maiden and Judas Priest; thrash metal is all about Megadeth and Metallica (though the latter could be debatable); death metal is Cannibal Corpse and Deicide territory; Emperor and Immortal are the evil lords of black metal. When it comes to the bombastic, dramatic spectacle that …

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