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What Place Do Women Have In Metal?

At first glance this sounds like the most sexist thing I’ve ever written.  In reality, it’s just a pet peeve of mine that I need to address.  For some reason now when it’s known that a band has a female vocalist, they are put on this usually undeserving pedestal.  I will also state right off …

Dr. Mikannibal – Sigh (vocals/saxaphone)

A sexy Japanese black-metal chick who records topless, drinks blood and eats bugs, you say? Combining her given name, Mika, with cannibal and applying the Dr. after she received her Ph.d. in physics, Dr. Mikannibal was born 10 years ago while fronting a death-metal band. However, her stage persona is much different than her home …

Eyes Set to Kill Singer Dosen’t Mind Being Called A Sex Symbol

In a new interview with Noisecreep.com, EYES SET TO KILL vocalist Alexia Rodriguez talks about her and her sister being pointed by Revolver Magazine as “two of the hottest chicks of metal.” The Tempe, Arizona band released their album The World Outside in 2009.

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