DIO’s Final Studio Album “Master of the Moon” to be Issued as Picture Disc

Ronnie James Dio’s stellar musical career was matched by very few, and what turned out to be the last-ever studio album released

Lady Gaga is Gaga Over Metal: Appoints Herself as Unofficial Roadie

According to Mirror.co.uk, Lady Gaga is so gaga over Iron Maiden that she’s appointed her self an “unofficial roadie”  for the band

NEURAXIS: Complete Writing New Album, Prep For Studio Next Week

Montreal based death metallers NEURAXIS have finished writing for their upcoming album and offer a final update before entering the Wildsound Studio

Anal Cunt Taking to the Road for US April/May Tour

Everybody’s favorite band, ANAL CUNT, will be taking to the road again for an SMNnews sponsored tour! As we only support some

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