After five long years since their last release, Milwaukee metal band Misery Signals will return on July 23rd with one of the

Pelagic Records News

PELAGIC records will release the following two releases on September 26, 2011 LO! – Look And Behold (CD digipak) LO! – hailing

REIGN OF VENGEANCE List Requirements for New Drummer Opening

Looks as though Reign of Vengeance are scouting it out for a new drummer so listen up all you drumheads…these are the

“THE BLOOD VOMITS” Begins Shooting at Slave Pit Studios

Fresh from successfully securing a production budget using the Kickstarter crowd-funding website, Slave Pit Inc., the production company behind intergalactic shock-rockers GWAR,

The Blood Vomits Reaches Financial Goal but Needs More

You’ve read my posts on here as of late regarding the new animated cartoon “The Bood Vomits” that’s in production and raising

5 Bands That Need to Reunite (For More Than Selfish Reasons)

With great music comes even greater egos which is where most breakups usually come from unfortunately.  Of course there are also tragedies

Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus of GWAR, Puts Out First Novel

“Just like his music, Brockie’s writing is as gore-filled as all fuck.” – Carlton Mellick III, author of Apeshit, Satan Burger, and

PAIN: Aim to Wrap Up New Album

Peter Tägtgren and the PAIN crew have just offered the following update. More over at www.myspace.com/pain. What the hell is going on?!

Sid Wilson Comments on Slipknot’s Future: “It’s a Magical Thing, and You Can’t Predict Magic”

Slipknot‘s Sid Wilson (#0) recently spoke to Billboard.com about his upcoming solo album and the future of Slipknot in the wake of

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