Mobile Deathcamp – Black Swamp Rising

Ohio three-piece MOBILE DEATHCAMP can play some pummeling no holds barred speed metal. The quality of the songs on their full-length debut,

GWAR Live in Chicago: Pictures and Blood

A GWAR concert is always a bloody extravaganza. SMNnews contributer Kelley Simms attended their show in Chicago at the House of Blues

Joe Satriani: Exclusive Video Launch from “Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards”

SMNnews is proud to exclusively launch a Joe Satriani exclusive for 24-hours only. It’s all in support of Black Swans and Wormhole

Spellcaster – Spells of Speed

Steeped with traditional/thrash/speed metal influences, Portland, Oregon’s SPELLCASTER proudly wear their old-school metal influences on their sleeves, as well as the bullet

Accept – Blood of the Nations

From the very first riff of opener “Beat the Bastards,” you know exactly who it is. That distinctive and unmistakable guitar sound

Vindicator – The Antique Witcheries

Ohio’s VINDICATOR are right up there, if not better than the likes of WARBRINGER, GAMA BOMB, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, BONDED BY BLOOD or

Picture Me Broken – Wide Awake

Bay Area rockers PICTURE ME BROKEN haven’t even graduated high school yet, but they’ve just released their debut album and signed a

Posthuman – Rise From Ruins

Dutch melodic death metalers POSTHUMAN formed in 2007 and received great praise for their 2008 demo Into The Void. Their combination of

Hell Within – God Grant Me Vengeance

HELL WITHIN plays brutal-yet-melodic metalcore, almost along the lines of fellow statesmen SHADOWS FALL. Their third release, God Grant Me Vengeance, due

Chambers – Old love

New Jersey’s CHAMBERS plays aggressive hardcore with some old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, metal and even touches of southern rock. The mixture

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