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Music Artists & Friends Speak About JANI LANE and Other’s Offer Polite Refusals

Steven Blush of Spin Magazine reports: The August 11th passing of former Warrant singer Jani Lane reads like just another rock and roll tragedy. Lane, 47, was found alone — with no money or ID, surrounded by booze and pills — at a Comfort Inn in Woodland Hills, California. The cause of death remains undetermined, …

Happy Birthday December 31st

Tom Hamilton   Thomas William Hamilton (born December 31st. 1951) in Colorado Springs. Colorado) is the bass player with Aerosmith.     Scott Ian   Scott Ian Rosenfold (born December 31st, 1963, New York City) is better known  by the stage name Scott Ian. He is the only original member of metal merchants Anthrax.

How Do You Judge an Air Guitar Competition?

Sylvain “Gunther Love” Quimene of France has won the Air Guitar World Championships. How do the judges choose a rock god from the motley assortment dressed in wigs, spandex and capes? Personal air roadies are allowed, but backing groups (real or air) are not. “Air guitar is about drama – it’s about telling a story …

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