Interview With Obituary (via SicAsylum)

This is just a preview of things yet to come at what is yet to come over at SicAsylum, where the full

Trivium – In Waves (Special Edition)

I kind of feel like it is my duty to review this album and give it a fair shot.  Trivium has become

If You’re Not Picky – There’s Awesome New Music Out Now!

Well there are a handful of new albums that have just been released that believe it or not, are worth owning!  I

What I Won’t Be Listening To This September

Well I actually had good things to say about a few pretty random albums last week, this week not so much.  I

AC/DC Top Earners in Gigs

If there was ever any question about AC/DC’s staying power, it has certainly been quashed over the last two years, as the

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