MIKE MANGINI Selected as Dream Theater’s New Drummer

A little more than a month after drummer Mike Portnoy’s sudden departure from Dream Theater, the band held three days of auditions

DREAM THEATER: Vocalist James LaBrie Goes Solo

After Mike Portnoy’s sudden departure from DREAM THEATER, what else would you do? Vocalist James LaBrie is going on a solo run

Pennywise Announce New Singer!


Darkest Hour – The Eternal Return

The Eternal Return is yet another whimsical metal release from those dudes in Darkest Hour. With a scintillating title that seems to

Dimmu Borgir Drama Won’t Stop! Petty Internet Mudslinging Continues…

Oh dear. DIMMU BORGIR’s remaning members Galder, Shagrath, and Silenoz have really had their feathers ruffled. Since the sudden departure of Vortex

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