MANDY MEYER Rejoins KROKUS After 30 Years; New Album Out in February

Guitarist Mandy Meyer has rejoined the Krokus lineup 30 years later for the band’s upcoming album Dirty Dynamite. Founder Chris Von Rohr

COLOSSEUM: Juhani Palomäki Dead at 32 (1977-2010)

The driving force behind funeral-doom act COLOSSEUM, Juhani Palomäki, has passed away at the tender age of 32. Juhani Palomäki died on

Avenged Sevefold Drummer James Owen Sullivan Found Dead at 28

AVENGED SEVENFOLD guitarist James Owen Sullivan, fondly known as ‘The Rev‘, has been found dead at the tender age of 28 in

RIP David Taylor: 12/5/64 – 6/30/09

David Taylor, frontman of 80’s rockers DRIVE, has passed away at the tender age of 44…an official press release concerning the matter

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