Tag: Tight Rhythm Section

United Guttural Records To Release Volturyon’s Coordinated Mutilation On February 25th

Ten tracks of aggressive, yet technical Swedish death metal with thrash elements. That’s what VOLTURYON’s Coordinated Mutilation is all about. What more could you possibly want than one well written song after the next with cool riffs, solos, intensely growled vocals and a tight rhythm section. Coordinated Mutilation will be released on February 25th via United Guttural …

Lääz Rockit – Nothing$ $acred (re-release)

LAAZ ROCKIT was part of the Bay Area thrash scene in the early eighties who never achieved the popularity or recognition like other bands of that era. They first broke into the scene in 1984 with City’s Gonna Burn. I always thought LAAZ ROCKIT held their own up against some of the Bay Area’s second-tier …

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