Review of AUTOPSY’s ‘Macabre Eternal’

Mmmmmm…. This has to be the toughest review I have written. Autopsy, seminal death metal band, originally formed in 1987, and one

MISSTALLICA: All-Female Metallica Tribute Band!

Color me sheltered but I’m just now hearing about this all girl Metallica tribute band called Misstallica.  These chicks hail from Philadelphia,

Withering Soul’s “No Closure” Drops Today

No Closure from Chicago’s WITHERING SOUL sees release today, March 8, 2011 through Mortal Music.  Get in touch at to find

Mortal Music to Release Withering Soul’s “No Closure” March 8th

Mortal Music will release No Closure from Chicago’s WITHERING SOUL on March 8. The band’s full-length debut is a combination of symphonic

Intronaut “Valley of Smoke” Album Review w/Video

William Kherbek, of, recently posted his review of the album “Valley of Smoke” by Intronaut.   Here’s William’s review below. Metal

Demilich ‘Nespithe’ Legendary – 95%

This album is a hidden gem and a lost classic. Think back to early Scandinavian extreme metal and one immediately thinks of

Burning Shadows – Into the Primordial

BURNING SHADOWS play US power metal with touches of Euro power metal and traditional metal. Formed in 2000 in Rockville, Maryland, the

Troll – Neo-Satanic Supremacy

There are very few bands that can pull off extreme black metal, the real way of doing it, that is.  Bands that

Evergreen Terrace – Almost Home

EVERGREEN TERRACE is one of those bands who are badass in many ways.  The band has this raw and massive sound that

The Boy Will Drown – Fetish

UK technical death metallers THE BOY WILL DROWN unleash a monstrous release with Fetish, and take technical death metal for one wild

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