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Sumerian Records Blame Pirating for Supposed Album “Leak”

What started out as serious business has become absurd.  Sumerian Records got on Facebook and started lashing out regarding BORN OF OSIRIS’s album getting leaked.  Here’s the founder, Ash Avildsen,  of Sumerian Record’s beginning post.. Sumerian Records hey all you jobbers who like to steal our albums – word out on the ocean (pirates don’t …

ABYSMAL TORRENT: Wayne Vella Killed in Construction Accident

ABYSMAL TORRENT drummer Wayne Vella was tragically killed in a construction accident just days ago. Wayne Vella drummed for the band from 2001-2008. Rest in peace. A small statement from the band reads as follows: Yesterday couldnt have been a worse day for us all.Unfortunately we have lost our brother Wayne Vella(Drummer in Abysmal Torment …

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY: New Album Streaming!

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY are streaming their brand new album, Order of the Black, over at AOL. Give it a listen…just don’t tell Zakk Wylde what a torrent is. Order of the Black will be out on August 10. Don’t forget about the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, CHILDREN OF BODOM, CLUTCH tour either. Go to SMNnews

ZAKK WYLDE Figures Out What A Torrent Is.

Oh, ZAKK WYLDE. If you support internet downloading or not, it must come as a complete shock if you are an artist and come to learn that your brand new album (that’s not out yet) is now available for download across the worldwide web. It’s also somewhat amusing if you read that the artist found …

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