Interview With Joel Stroetzel of Killswitch Engage

I’m sorry for being such a slacker and never being able to get around to posting anymore.  Having just launched has

Great White’s JACK RUSSELL Forms New Band

Great White vocalist Jack Russell has announced that he will be making a comeback with a brand new band called Great White

WHITECHAPEL: Tells You “How to Make It” in the Music Business

“How does a band ‘make it’ in the music business?” – it is an burning question in many a heart, especially those

Heaven Shall Burn – Maik Weichert (Guitarist)

Fourteen years in the making with numerous releases to date, demos, EPs, CDs, and DVDs you name it, they’ve likely created it.

BROKENCYDE: Respond to Rumors They Died!

BROKENCYDE fans, fear not. The bree is well and truly still alive. Crunkcore innovators BROKENCYDE have released a statement squashing the rumor

DIRGE WITHIN: Announces New Drummer

DIRGE WITHIN has announced the departure of drummer Jimmy Knight, and the arrival of Frankie Harchut (ex-The Doomsday Catalyst) to the band:

Lombardo Close-Up!

Groundbreaking drummer Dave Lombardo, whose legendary performances with SLAYER and FANTOMAS have influenced entire music genres and generations of musicians, will perform

Dimmu Borgir Drama Won’t Stop! Petty Internet Mudslinging Continues…

Oh dear. DIMMU BORGIR’s remaning members Galder, Shagrath, and Silenoz have really had their feathers ruffled. Since the sudden departure of Vortex

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