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DEMON HUNTER Honored, Blessed, & Humbled that Band was Support to Seal Team 6

Seattle-based Christian metallers Demon Hunter (pictured below) have commented on a new article in Esquire magazine about the raid on Osama Bin Laden in which the Navy SEAL who killed the Al Qaeda leader mentions that he wore a Demon Hunter patch during the mission. The SEAL, who is only referred to as “the Shooter” in the article, also reveals that he used the music …

SLIPKNOT: Corey Taylor Performing Two Solo Shows at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas will be unveiling a special new Corey Taylor case on July 15th. The case will feature masks and uniforms that Corey Taylor has worn on stage with SLIPKNOT as well as some of his plaques, photographs and some other special memorabilia.  To celebrate this special honor, SLIPKNOT’s Corey …

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