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SHROUD OF DEPONDENCY Giving to Fans Unreleased Recordings

Shroud of Despondency’s guitarist/composer Rory Heikkila has decided to digitally release “Objective: Isolation” which was some unreleased material that was recorded back in 2009.  Here’s the tracks: An Opposing Shore This Transcends Belief Incongruous A Life Well Lived Struggling With The Current Wound My Carrion Silence After The Downfall Heikkila discusses his reasoning behind the …

Vote for Glenn Tipton in the Total Guitar Greatest Metal Guitarist Poll!

UK magazine Total Guitar are running a poll to find the greatest metal guitarist ever and we are very proud to see that they have picked Glenn Tipton as one of the nominees!! Click on the link below and vote for Glenn!!! http://www.musicradar.com/totalguitar/vote-for-the-greatest-metal-guitarist-ever-368970 Glenn Tipton was born near Birmingham in England. The guitarist / songwriter …

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