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The Shittiest Christmas Presents For Your Beloved Metalhead Volume 2

Our longtime readers may or may not remember my first version of shitty Christmas presents not to get your loved ones last year.  For those of you who are new to this little site, http://www.braingell.com/?p=11863, you’re welcome.  Since I’ve been a little bit detached from the world lately, I’m not really sure what’s trendy to …

NAPALM RECORDS To Release Vol.2 of MP3 Compilation; Need Help From Fans w/Tracklist

Due to the great feedback that Napalm Records received regarding the free & exclusive Facebook MP3 Compilation, they have decided to release a “Volume 2” soon! They’re needing your help to choose the track list for the 15-track sampler that will feature “Napalm Records Classics”. Napalm have put together a list of 50 possible “classics” …

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