Tag: Wandering Minstrels

Napalm Records News and Releases

GRAVE DIGGER first video diary from new album sessions   To ease the  anticipatory wait, the German metal legends have released a first  glimpse of their recording sessions. Headbangers may watch the video  HERE <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoqI3if23sY&feature=player_embedded> . Further updates will follow in the coming  weeks. OFFICIAL SITE <http://www.grave-digger-clan.com/> MYSPACE <http://www.myspace.com/gravediggerclan>     LIV KRISTINE to release ‘Skintight’ album …

Wolfmother Launch Transmission #4 from the “Cosmic Egg”

Take 4 in WOLFMOTHER’s Transmissions From The Cosmic Egg shines a little light on the new players in the WOLFMOTHER traveling roadshow. We hear the stories about how Andrew Stockdale came across these wandering minstrels and how they came to join the band…. Cosmic Egg will hit stores October 27:

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