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Setting up the SQRSoft Crossfader and the SQRSoft Compressor/Limiter

Please be forewarned that this software can be very difficult to dial in and get used to... Be sure you have been asked to install it from vBoogieMan, Jet or Billelzebub and have one of us on hand while you install to ask questions if you get stuck.

Special Thanks to Billelzebub for getting the crossfader and compressor/limiter tested and for his considerable help in fine tuning my system once it was installed.

You must have both the
SQRSoft Crossfader
SQRSoft Compressor/Limiter
installed before proceeding here...

NOTE: you may be asked to set the limiter/expander as the default, click yes.


Be sure WinAmp is not running for both the installs!

Once you have installed the two SQRSoft components you need to set the DSP, start Winamp, right click on Winamp and choose: Options - Preferences and click on the Plug-ins tree on the WinAmp Preferences select DSP/Effect as shown below

Make sure the SQRSoft DSP v2.0 for Winamp 2 is selected and click configure to get the following screen and adjust your Compressor/Limiter settings to match the picture below.

You can close the Winamp Preferences window.


Now You are ready to configure the Crossfader

From the WinAmp Preferences click on Output subcategory under the Plug-ins tree. Please refer to the picture below:


Select the SQRSoft Advanced Crossfading v1.75 as shown above. Click configure to get the following screen.

The SQRSoft Crossfader plug-in should be visible (see below)

Click the presets tab for the following screen

**NOTE: you will not see any presets until you create or import them.

Click Import and choose the vboogieman.apf file you downloaded using the following dialog box. You can just double click the vboogieman.apf file.

 Then click the vBoogieMan preset like below and click Load

Click the Device tab and make sure your sound card is selected and not wave mapper (see - below)

Also verify that on the DSP tab you have shoutcast selected see graphic

You should now go back to the Presets tab and click save. This will ensure your own sound card is saved in the preset. Click save on when you screen below looks like below.

You can now click the close button above the crossfader is configured.

Congratulations! You have now configured the SQRSoft Software

Thjis software will change the way your winamp responds to clicks and song changes and will take allot of effort to get used to... GOOD LUCK :)

Let Jet or vBoogieMan know if you think anything should be added to this page!