WARRIOR WITHIN: Brisbane’s Thrash Metal Sensations Release Their Driving New Single ‘Pagan Spirit’

Brisbane’s Thrash Metal Sensations Warrior Within just unleashed their driving new single ‘Pagan Spirit’. Incorporating influences such as Sabbat, Exodus and Nuclear Assault, this powerful track commands the listener’s attention with the full force of a sledgehammer throughout the entirety of the composition. Blending classic heavy metal, power metal, and thrash sensibilities in a seamless musical package of cool defiance and taut aggression, ‘Pagan Spirit’ showcases a band that is bold and confident in their unique signature sound. Jam-packed with soaring vocals, crushing riffs, and powerful rhythms ‘Pagan Spirit’ will have your fist pumping in the air in no time.

Guitarist Tass Hadoulis on the new single “The Pagan Spirit lyric theme is close to our hearts. It covers the subject of ancient cultures and spiritual ways of old. This is not an anti-religion song. It delves in the use of the elements, Earth, Sky, Fire, Water, and Ether (spirit). Cultures all over the world have or had ancient spiritual practices which were entwined with nature, the celestial, and which utilised these elements. This song honours these ways.

This is one of Tass’s songs. It was filmed on our rural property on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. We build 2 mini-stages for the filming for the purpose of this video. The path and fire pit in the video are ones we use and enjoy on our property. The female character walking and drumming in the video is actually Tass and Toli’s mum, who exposed them to these spiritual philosophies at a young age. The filming is a bit unorthodox in that Scott, Tass and Toli live in QLD and our drummer Ash lives in NSW. Pagan Spirit is a mid-tempo thrash song with infectious rhythms and melodies with very powerful vocals. The vocal approach is a little different from our previous releases. The vocals explore a little more variety with Scott ‘singing’ as well as his usual strong attack. This is something you can expect to hear more in our future releases”

Comprised brothers Tass Hadoulis (Guitars) & Toli Hadoulis (Bass) along with Scott MacIntyre (Vocals) & Ash Meadows (Drums), Warrior Within have been brutalising crowds with their energetic live shows since their inception in 2017. Taking the Brisbane Scene by a storm Warrior Within are set to leave a mark on the Aussie-Heavy Music scene and beyond!