Metal United Down Under: Australia’s unique event released Voice of the Underground Vol. V

Metal United Down Under releases Volume V of their annual compilation album, featuring a vast variety of the greatest heavy music to come out of Australia & New Zealand.

Bringing you 19 face-melting tracks bands around the country, you can bring the mosh pit to your home. Covering a wide range of styles like hard rock and Aussie rock to death metal, doom, black metal, thrash, and straight-up just metal- there is something for every heavy music fan. A true collaboration of some of Australia’s best underground heavy bands, this is a release not to be missed.

In true 2021 fashion, you can enjoy our latest volume from the comfort of your home. Available for a digital download on the Black-Roos Entertainment Bandcamp. Head on over to the page to experience not just Voice of the Underground: Volume V, but all the other music to keep you going until we can meet again in the pit.

Metal United Down Under is proudly supported by the Australian webzines Metal-Roos, The Rockpit, and Heavy Mag

About MUDU:
The idea is simple: Every weekend there are local shows with a few metal bands. Let’s put those under one banner (aka Metal United Down Under) and let them happen on the same date. Those who are putting on their usual 3-4 band lineup are welcome as are those who use the opportunity for a whole day festival super event. As long as we do it in the same spirit – celebrating metal and our metal community – everybody can participate!


  1. The Dark Horde – Mask
  2. Innasanatorium – Night Terrors
  3. Visualis – We Are the Disease
  4. Terrorential – Goddamn Thrashing
  5. Dead Sun – Dead Man’s Port
  6. JamArt – BanCkull
  7. Ancestral Ruins – Democracy Manifest
  8. Shattered Hourglass – Androctonus
  9. EnforcE – Deep Blue
  10. Ashen – Asphyxiant
  11. CINAYET – Demonia
  12. Beleth – Silent Genesis
  13. Mourners – Death Day
  14. All This Filth – So Broken
  15. Mojo Alice – The Creature
  16. Hit ‘n’ Mizz – Action
  17. Dirty Rats – Love from a Distance
  18. Rawtism – Go Rawtistic!
  19. Thrash Bandicoot – Dissolve

Get the Voice of the Underground Vol.V on Bandcamp: